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VooDoo Panel Installation Instructions

These instructions are only to perform a direct swap of the existing stock speaker panel with the new and improved VooDoo panel.  See Cointaker's 6x9 style Speaker Light Kit Installation instructions to combine installation of them with this new speaker panel.  Reach out to at via email for further assistance if needed.

Removal of Stock Panel

Follow the pictures for removal instructions.  Again, when installing the Cointaker Speaker Light kit, there will be a few extra steps requiring the removal of both speakers to add the light kit as well as any extra parts such as foam pieces to help with light transmission on LE/Premium models as they do not come with foam.  PIctures are from installation on stock LE game.


Place as soft cloth ontop of the siderails and glass where the panel will lay once supports are removed.  This will prevent damage to the finish and glass.

Remove each nut/washer holding the support cables/strings and set aside for reinstall.  Note: the panel will drop once removed.

install lcd screw.jpg

We will need to remove the right speaker to access the green ground wire and then remove the phillips head screw to allow ground wire to release.  

Remove all four nuts on the right speaker and set aside.  No matter the model this step is the same

Now with the nuts removed, disconnect this right speaker plug and set the speaker aside.

Now with access, remove the phillps head screw and disconnect the ground wire. 
Set screw aside for reinstall.

Very Carefully remove the two plugs shown in the photos above from the lcd panel

Disconnect the speaker harness plug shown in the above picture

Remove the nuts holding the panel to the cabinet shown in the picture above..there is one on each side.

At this point Carefully remove the stock panel and lay it on a table or countertop.  Always place a protective layer between the panel and any hard surface to prevent damage to lcd and components.  The next stage is simply removing only what is needed to swap the components of the panel onto the new VooDoo panel.  There may be variations of this install depending on if you are installing Cointaker's Speaker Light kits or even new speakers.  Small variations in components will be noticed depending on the model of your game (Pro/Premium/LE) as only the Pro model comes with the foam insert that you may want to use for light transmission and the best representation of the image as this is the manner that they were designed to be used in (to not see the speaker behind them and lit to enhance your new focal point)

Swapping over to the New Panel

Remove the phillips head screw from the lock mechanism.

Now access the lock nut ring and loosen to remove it from lock cylinder.  This can be carefully done with multiple tools including an adjustable wrench, deep socket, etc.

Now place another protective layer on your work area and lay the new VooDoo panel face down on it.  After removing this lock cylinder shown above, you should be able to carefully lift the entire lcd panel and speaker bracket area together.  Be careful when lifting not to flex the joints between the speaker areas and the panel as they are held together with screws only at these areas.  After lifting carefully place this unit on your open protective area face down.  Again, take care not to scratch the lcd screen.  Now without smudging it, lift the acrylic lcd screen cover by the edges and place in the same location on your new VooDoo panel.  Now take your lcd assembly and place it back in the same location that you removed it from.  At this point, some steps may change if you are installing Cointaker's Speaker light kit.  If this is the case, follow the install instructions that are provided from Cointaker here.  Once this is done, reinstall the speaker panel in reverse order that you removed it in.

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